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It is a traditional item made up of Paper mache material. This is an Indian handmade 5Camel handart. Each Camel has been handcrafted, hand printed with mineral beads. This Decorative showpiece gives a regal touch to your home with this patch and embroidery work. Highlighting the fine and intricate detailing, this beautiful vintage art surprise for loved one; A Beautiful Piece of True Indian Art for Living Rooms A Nice Gift Item For Indian Art Lovers. About Paper Mache Crafts:
Paper Mache Crafts is a traditional craft and is passed on from one generation to next generation in a is still made by hand in small home shops where the whole family sit together and engage in the art of making Paper crafts.

Making paper Mache is simple but takes a lot of time and labor. In the traditional method of making paper Mache the waste paper is soaked in water for a few days till its start getting disintegrated. The excess water is then drained out and the soaked paper, rice straw, cloth and bonding agents are mixed well to get a pulp. This pulp is now placed in mould and left for three or more days to dry. After it is dry the shape is cut away from the mould into two halves and then glued again. It is then coated with a layer of glue and gypsum and then made smooth by rubbing with stone or baked piece of clay. Layers of tissue are then pasted. A base color is painted on it and now it is ready for making design. The design is made with hand. Some part of design are raised a bit so as it to give dimension to design.

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12X12CM ,10X 10CM ,8X8 ,7X6 ,5X5 CM

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Gift Item, Decorative showpiece




Paper Mache




Wedding, Diwali

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Living Rooms,Office





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