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Night Shield mosquito repellent vaporizer is a 100% natural, Herbal Mosquito Repellent that keeps away all the dangerous mosquitoes whether you are at home or office or school. It is an excellent substitute to chemical based repellents that does not cause any side effects. It is a safe and effective way to protect your family from mosquito bites

Begin your "suraksha aur sehat" journey hand in hand as you unleash the power of nature against pesky mosquitoes.?Powered?with natural?ingredients?Night Shield efficiently protects you and your loved ones from insects.

2.Experience Nature's Defence:
Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and toxins ? as Night Shield?is Derived?from the Asteraceae family plants, renowned for their potent insect-repelling properties, it harnesses the natural bounty of alpha-caryophyllene and terpene derivatives.?

3.Eco-friendly and safe:
Our?liquid formula is free from pesticides, ensuring a safe and eco-friendly solution?hence,?making it safe around children, pregnant women, pets, and?senior citizens.

Unlock the cartridge (refill), effortlessly slot it into the machine, and twist it to secure it. Then, plug the machine into the socket and immerse yourself in a worry-free atmosphere.

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Night Shield

Maximum Shelf Life

36 Months

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6 Refill

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